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Iron Hardscape & Masonry provides top quality masonry construction and allied services to all of Boston’s metropolitan areas. From window caulking to fireplace restoration, balcony waterproofing and construction, our services are second to none in the industry. We specialize in stone masonry, brick masonry, wall construction, etc.

Our crew consists of diligent and professional masonry contractors with extensive years of experience in construction and restoration. When it comes to great workmanship and affordable prices, Iron Hardscape & Masonry offers you the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Us?

Get in touch with Masonry professionals to get surreal masonry construction and landscaping for your business or home. Remember that your first impression is a lasting impression. Give us a call today for your number one mason contractor. You won’t regret it. Our masonry services encompass the following:
Masonry Services Lynn, MA
Work with high-end professional masons skilled in small and large scale masonry construction.
Iron Hardscape & Masonry offers efficiency along with quality in a bid to cut costs for all our clients. Our schedules are carefully vetted, considering likely risks, and other factors which may affect our service delivery.
At Iron Hardscape & Masonry, our team of seasoned professionals are experienced with small and large scale masonry services. Contact a masonry contractor with a track record on small, and masonry construction projects.
Save yourself the stress of trying out newbies and spending valuable time inspecting work just because you lack confidence in their skills. Contact a proven masonry contractor and rest easy.